Friday, April 4, 2014

Meaghan Faletti's Internship, Spring 2014 - Part 5

Greetings from the Sorting Lab!

Lately, we've been bombarding Arvind with extra work to do, so we've shifted gears slightly away from sorting for a while. Last week, I started going through the archived vials with all of the organisms that have been found in the sediments. Some need to be transferred to new vials that have a tighter seal, and it's a long and tedious - but important - process. Hopefully we will be getting some new boxes for organizing the vials, and that will be a fun task to look forward to! (Something about labeling boxes with Sharpies is fun for me.)

I've started to meet more people that work on our floor and I'm realizing more and more that it's like one big family. Everyone seems pretty close-knit and very interested in each others' work. This makes me excited for entering a graduate program one day. Even if it's far from home and in an unfamiliar setting at first, I can picture myself becoming a part of a family like this one! 

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Meaghan Faletti, FSU

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