Friday, April 18, 2014

Emily Hladky's Internship, Spring 2014 - Part 6

When people think of research, many often picture a crazy scientist, working alone in a lab. But that is not what it is like at all, at least not at USF's PaleoLab. The PaleoLab is full of scientists from various backgrounds that work together and support each other; many friendships are created in this lab.

Every Friday the lab gets together to have bagels for breakfast, sometimes cake for birthdays or for those who have successfully defended their thesis. This time gives people the chance to get to know each other better on a personal level, whether they are professors, graduate students, post-docs, or interns. Talks range from current research and new findings to how someone’s vacation went and what the plans are for this weekend. It builds a strong community and also a close, comfortable work environment that is actually fun to be a part of. I feel lucky to be a part of such a great lab where I have been able to make new friends, have a great mentor that has been nothing but supportive, and work on interesting and important research!

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Emily Hladky - St. Petersburg, FL

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