Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Emily Goetz's Internship, Summer 2014 - Part 2

Hi everyone! Things have been busy these past few weeks, and I can't believe my internship is already halfway over. I have been getting adjusted to living and working at the lab, and time has flown by. My work on the Atlantis project thus far has been largely based in research, with the goal of developing my preliminary understanding of the project. I have been reading about the existing models and am starting to build a deeper understanding of Atlantis and the goals for the northern Gulf of Mexico model. In addition, living at the lab has given me the opportunity to assist with other projects, and, in addition to working on Atlantis, I have been helping with the field data collection for some of Dr. Gosnell's other research endeavors, specifically his projects related to oyster aquaculture. In the next few weeks, I am looking forward to applying my research on Atlantis to the actual model and begin the implementation phase of the project.

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Emily Goetz, Florida State University 

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