Monday, July 21, 2014

Rachel Holladay's Internship, Summer 2014 - Part 4

Hello! Phases II and III of the ROV construction have been delayed while we are waiting for the rest of the parts to arrive. We have, however, tentatively scheduled some field testing in Bay St. Louis once more progress on the prototype can be made. This testing will also allow us to try out the manual that I am currently developing that will assist the intended audience, high school students, to easily collect data.

As a computer scientist, I have little to no experience with using CAD (computer aided design) programs. However, wanting to model the ROV as well as provide some detailed drawings and schematics, I decided to download SketchUp Make and fiddle around. While it isn’t as powerful as many, more professional CAD services, its relatively small learning curve made it incredibly appealing. Below are some of the sketches I’ve made, including a full mock­up of the intended end­result and a heavily stylized idea of the ROV swimming along in the ocean.


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Rachel Holladay, Naval Research Laboratory

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