Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rachel Holladay's Internship, Summer 2014 - Part 3

Construction has begun! With the arrival of the standard SeaPerch kit, I was able to assemble the electronics, thrusters and modified PVC frame. I’m waiting to mount the thrusters until I have the other components that will sit alongside them. Thanks to our local SeaPerch guru, David Young, we have been able to play with an already assembled SeaPerch, which has been extremely useful. After using the NRL pool for some base testing, we realized some important buoyancy issues which lead to some minor redesigning in the PVC base.

The process of the rest of the parts being ordered turned out to be a more lengthy process than I originally expected, but they have been ordered and are on their way! A critical piece of the Sensor Suite, the custom made PCBs, has already been happily delivered. While waiting for everything else to arrive, I’ve been exploring all about Arduino, so I am very excited to get my hands on that! In addition, fellow intern Sam and I have been creating a first draft of the graphics that will be used on the OS Kit App.

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Rachel Holladay, Naval Research Laboratory

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