Monday, July 14, 2014

Emily Goetz's Internship, Summer 2014 - Part 1

Hi! My name is Emily Goetz, and I am an undergraduate student interning at the FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory this summer. Through the Deep-C internship, I will be contributing to the development and improvement of the Atlantis ecosystem model for the Northern Gulf of Mexico. Atlantis serves as a tool to model interactions between organisms and the physical environment and geography, while simultaneously factoring in anthropogenic effects and potential conservation efforts on ecosystems. While a preliminary model is already in use in the Gulf of Mexico, it is lacking in some basic information and has glitches that make it less user-friendly. This summer, I will be helping Dr. Stephen Gosnell of FSUCML to fill in the gaps of species-species interactions, to develop further the Atlantis model specific to the northern Gulf of Mexico, and to create a more user-friendly instruction manual, which will allow outside parties to understand and use the model. I really look forward to using my background in biology, geology, and GIS to work on this project. Additionally, simply being at the marine lab fosters relationships with scientists in related fields and provides opportunities to assist with additional field and lab work. This summer, I look forward to both working on the Atlantis project as well as being exposed to additional facets of marine biology and conservation.

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Emily Goetz, Florida State University 

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