Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sam Holladay's Internship, Summer 2014 - Part 2

Coming in on the end of our third week at our internship, our team has made some good progress on our adaptive climatology project. Last week I said how I am focusing on developing an iPhone app so users of our water-testing kit can send in water data they've collected to our servers, for use in our adaptive climatology model. I have learned Objective-C, the language we will use for the app (no, I'm not going to learn Swift, the new language--not yet) and use of the Mac and Xcode, its IDE.

I already looked over storyboards for the user interface and overall layout of the app, and have done work on the front page. I have also conducted research into various tasks the app will do, such as sending in data to our server over the Internet whenever the phone has Internet service. It seems users will be able to send in pictures from their phone album, as well as water data, and may have an account with our website. We are also thinking of packaging in a tutorial to help people learn how to use the water kit. That's all for this week!

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Sam Holladay, Naval Research Laboratory

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