Monday, June 2, 2014

Research Cruise UPDATE: Multi-core sampling through the night!

The Weatherbird II completed sampling at S35S site during 1 June, working through the night to complete all multi-core samples at PCB06 by noon on 2 June. Heather Broadbent got into the action with water collections in the upper 500 m using the rosette and CTD. However, her sampling with the bongo net at PCB06 was unsuccessful because one half of the bongo net tore loose. 

Caroline Johansen advising Chris and
Mauricio Silva on preparing piston core
Mauricio Silva deployed the piston core at PCB06, but probably due to high waves, the core did not recover a usable amount of sediment. The MILET is currently not operable and all indications are that it will require re-termination of the armored cable by a factory technician. Weather is predicted to seriously deteriorate toward the end of the week and the ship will probably have to shelter in Panama City on Thursday night/Friday. It is possible that the re-termination can be accomplished at that time.

Attaching trigger weight
Despite difficulty with MILET, we have been very successful with the multicore sampling. We are currently ahead of schedule on our overall progress. Without the MILET, we will divide the 13 science staff into two shifts and continue sampling with the multicore, hoping to complete as many of the scheduled sites as possible.

Launching the core
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