Thursday, June 12, 2014

Katherine Vaccaro's Internship, Summer 2014 - Part 2

Hi everyone! The past few weeks have been pretty busy! I was lucky enough to go out on the Deep-C research cruise with Dr. Snyder in the Gulf of Mexico to collect samples! We left bright and early Saturday, May 31st and anticipated returning on Monday, June 2nd, but ended the trip a day early due to some heavy winds and big swells. We hit collected plankton, sediment, and nutrient samples from 18 stations.

    (Map, courtesy of Joseph Moss, UWF Research Associate)

Unfortunately, I was sick and bedridden for the first day of the cruise, and I wasn’t much better off the second day (although I was well enough to help out on deck)!

My lovely partner in crime, Cynthia Kane, working on nutrient samples, and a beautiful picture of the almighty CTD machine (conductivity, temperature, depth) which collected all of our water samples for us!

The R/V Bellows and her awesome crew! We couldn’t have done our job without them. Thanks guys!

Working hard at 4am! That’s me on the left, rocking the mis-matched boots!

Throwing out drift cards! 
Everyone got their own picture (: When these cards are found washed up on the shore, people can report their location which is then added to a database to help scientists further understand currents and drift patterns! Pretty nifty.

On our way home, with me (again in my mis-matched boots) guarding the coveted ice cream freezer!

Although our weather wasn’t the greatest and sickness got in the way a bit, this cruise was an experience I will treasure for a lifetime. Fun people, awesome crew, great food and lots of science!

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Katie Vaccaro, University of West Florida 

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