Friday, June 20, 2014

Harshul Pandav's Internship, Summer 2014 - Part 2


We reach the end of the sixth week since I got started and there are some noteworthy accomplishments done so far. To get started, the most important thing that was accomplished was learning: getting a firmer grip on web based technologies such as JQuery and JQueryUI, JavaScript for interactivity in addition to CSS3 and HTML5 elements for design. The existing GIS Map Viewer is under the process of being uplifted to make it sleeker, faster and hence efficient by re-factoring the code and making the optimum utilization of the technologies which best fit for the goals of the project. It included the enhancement of the process of creating tooltips for various objects on map viewer: the existing tooltip module was replaced with JQuery tooltip features.

Another interesting enhancement made to the project was to add localization. This extends the flexibility of the project by making it readable in different languages with the native characters of every language which is selected. The selection of languages is on the viewer itself and the language can be changed dynamically without affecting any other selections made on other objects in the same viewer. Each of these tasks had its own set of subtasks and challenges associated with it. However, it has been a great learning experience with a good opportunity in implementing the skills developed so far.

The next goal is to create a mobile device interface for the GIS Map Viewer and I have got started with the required research on the technologies like Bootstrap et al, which would be needed for its implementation. Getting the new version of the GIS Map viewer work cross platform will surely raise its flexibility and usability. So far so good and more interesting things are yet to be accomplished.

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Harshul Pandav, Florida State University

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