Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Erica Levine's Internship, Summer 2014 - Part 1

Hi! My name is Erica Levine, and I am interning in the marine collection at Florida State University’s Coastal and Marine Lab with Dr. Chip Cotton. Over the next month and a half, I will be helping to organize the collection and create a searchable database for all the specimens in the collection. In the past, I have worked in marine collection doing general maintenance tasks such as checking the condition of specimens, filling jars that need additional preservative, identification of specimens, and database entry. Until this internship though, I have not had as much experience with building a database from the beginning and helping to structure how the lab will maintain its collection from now on. I’m excited to use what I currently know to build my skills set and learn new techniques to be a more knowledgeable marine collection worker.

At the beginning of this internship, my fellow collection worker, Ryan Mckenzie, and I are starting with a number of shelves of jars and working to organize them according to phylogeny before assigning them lot numbers unique to each jar. Over the next few weeks, we will be working to label every jar with important information such as genus, species, family, where it was collected, and when it was identified. We will also be designing the entry method for the digital database, which people can later use to search for specific types of specimens or location of collection. All together organizing the collection is a big project, but it’s one I look forward to working on.

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Erica Levine, Florida State University 

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