Monday, June 9, 2014

Research Cruise UPDATE: Calmer weather helps research team's sampling efforts

Mau Silva adjusts the shackles on the core weight
Weatherbird II has been in an satellite shadow for several days now, unable to connect to the internet. But work has continued under excellent weather conditions. At present, all of the planned multicore collections have been successfully completed. We had two failures where the core tubes returned to the surface with mud stains on the inside of the tubes, but no samples. After inspecting the video, we concluded that the core array was over-penetrating and lids were failing to close properly as a result. After removing all but two of the lead bricks from the rack, we had no further failures. No doubt the flat calm weather also helped. 

The piston extruding from the core tube after removing the liner.

Peter Lazaravich, Ben Labelle and Boryoung Shin sectioning a core for storage
The next sampling will be a series of five piston cores, three across one of the flow channels positioned to bracket the slopes and center of the channel, one at a second channel, and a final piston core at PCB-06. The last sample with be a single multicore drop at the 16B site requested by Markus Huettel. Our present schedule will have us return to St. Petersburg around midday on the 12th of June, Thursday. 

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