Thursday, February 27, 2014

Meaghan Faletti's Internship, Spring 2014 - Part 4

Hello from the Sorting Lab!

We have been working very quickly lately and have piled up many many samples! Now that we have succeeded in filling Arvind's desk with piles of vials, we've taken a step back to organize the lab! Though to some this may sound like "busy work," I've found it to be extremely important when it comes to research. Correct labeling and archiving can be the difference between a successful project and a sloppy one, as I've learned with past projects. Everything is in order, jars of sediments are all accounted for, and two more groups of cores are out and ready to be sorted!

I recently got a chance to take a peek at some of the more specific classification that Arvind can narrow the organisms down to and I was amazed! As of now, I can sort out the bigger groups into maybe ten different vials or "classifications" - little did I know, there are hundreds of taxa that Arvind has found in these samples! I find it incredible how diverse these little piles of sand can be. With each day, I am learning more and more about life in the ocean. As it has since I was a little kid playing at the beach, it astounds me with each and every discovery. 

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Meaghan Faletti, FSU

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