Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rickards Students Successful Drifter Deployment

Before winter break Dana Fields and her students from Rickards High School IB Environmental Systems class were able to accompany Dr. Nico Wienders to the CARTHE SCOPE project ( drifter deployment site at John Beasley Park in Okaloosa Island, FL.  We were fortunate to be able to piggyback on to CARTHE's exciting project! 

The two winning designs from DEEP-C's drifter design contest were successfully deployed and collected data until the batteries on their SPOT GPS receivers ran out!  

This project provided students with an opportunity to test their creativity and bring a fresh perspective to Deep-C and CARTHE's work, as well as giving our researchers an opportunity to connect with burgeoning scientists in our communities.
As Dr. Wienders stated, "The collaboration with the Rickards students was also beneficial in a purely scientific manner.  They came with unbiased, new and refreshing ideas for the drifter designs.  After years of practice, we sometimes get blunted, influenced, and many of us use similar ideas for designs.  The interaction with the students was very rejuvenating as their creativity is still unbounded." 
We look forward to more collaborations in the future, both with other GoMRI consortia members as well as local schools!
The trajectories of the two drifters from Rickards High School, Hannibal and the Aggressor.  Both were able to collect valuable data for CARTHE scientists!

To see all of the data collected from the over 200 drifters deployed during the CARTHE SCOPE Project go to:

For more information about our fellow GOMRI Consortia member CARTHE and their many projects please visit,

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