Friday, November 15, 2013

Mahmud Hasan Ghani's Internship, Fall 2013 - Part 5

Satellite vs. SailBuoy Data 

In my last blog, I showed the sea surface temperature (SST) mapping of the SailBuoy against the satellite SST data for April 12-18, 2013, from the northern Gulf of Mexico. Today, I’m going to discuss more of this comparison.

The analysis between the two data sets displays convincible results of the sea surface temperature in Gulf of Mexico region that is going to open a new era in the application of remotely operated oceanic vessels. From the SailBuoy, in our current study period, 23.72 °C was the highest temperature, while 23.25 °C was the highest processes temperature value from Aqua MODIS products. Here, the difference is only 0.46 °C, which is most reliable. At the same time, the minimum temperature difference recorded for this period is only 0.24 °C, and the average temperature difference is .09 °C, which might be a negligible value. The figure is showing a strong trend between the two data sets with average values of 22.56 °C and 22.47 °C for the SailBuoy and satellite, respectively.  
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Mahmud Hasan Ghani, Norwegian Meteorological Institute

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