Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mahmud Hasan Ghani's Internship, Fall 2013 - Part 4

Satellite vs. Sail Buoy Data 

After the two week shutdown of all NOAA websites, again I am on track using an ocean color website for remote sensing data. Usually, the ocean color website is the most common source for remote sensing data, and this shut down hindered my current analysis of in situ sea surface temperature (SST) data with the satellite data.

All new scientific data analysis needs a comparison with the published analysis or validated with referred data. I have been working on the in situ data set analysis retrieved from the SailBuoy and am planning to do comparison with the satellite data. From the Aqua Modis and Aqua Terra satellites, I have selected the Aqua Modis satellite products when both have SST products. But in case of resolution, after several data comparison from 4 micron night and 11 micron data set, I got better results in 11micron products as following my geographical references.

And the result is very clear in terms of data collection by the SailBuoy validating with remote sensing data. In the first stage, I have selected the period of April 12 to April 18, 2013, to make a SST map over the Gulf of Mexico. It shows an almost perfect match with satellite data following temperature values in the region, as shown in below figures. (To be continued...) 

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Mahmud Hasan Ghani, Norwegian Meteorological Institute

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