Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mahmud Hasan Ghani's Internship, Fall 2013 - Part 1

Finally, I have started the SailBuoy data analysis when I was so keen to involve in this project within shortest time. It was April, 2013; I got my confirmation to join here but usually it takes time for visa process from country. I reached at Bergen on last 12th August and officially I started my jobs from 19th August at Norwegian Meteorological Institute under Dr. Lars R. Hole.

Bergen City-Top View from Norwegian Meteorological Institute.
Also for the last two weeks, I was busy with my orientation programs at University of Bergen and especially from Geophysical Institute. It’s a great experience to meet with other international students for different study programs and share our own profiles to each other. My working place Norwegian Meteorological Institute is in Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen; so it would be better to introduce myself with the new culture and system in a state that I can adapt quickly.

And yes, it’s again MATLAB; I am assigned to practice the mapping and plotting process in MATLAB as my first step of my internship. It’s quite interesting to make a map of the physical properties of sea water, like temperature, salinity, chlorophyll, etc.; sometimes it seems difficult due to use different kinds of functions with broader range. Anyhow, I am gathering all the codes quickly to make map. I have gotten all the two months data from the “SailBuoy” which already sailed in fixed area of Gulf of Mexico. SailBuoy is the latest ocean observing instrument to supply the real time data instantly; this unmanned vehicle would be the most effective instrument to collect the in situ data in the upcoming days. Without going to deep sea; we are getting the current temperature, salinity, oxygen, etc., in short time. Also, the scope of comparing remote sensing data is now widen than previous time because the possibility of track a concerned area continuously with this controlled sea going vehicle.

Today, no more, this is just a beginning; expect to write more with my new analysis and results within a short time.

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Mahmud Hasan Ghani, Norwegian Meteorological Institute


  1. Glad to know detail about your starting!