Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another Deep-C Benthic Ecology cruise is underway.

Well, another Deep-C Benthic Ecology research cruise is underway! 

This cruise will occupy the Deep-C benthic array with the addition of two new sites located to the ENE of DeSoto Canyon. Our sampling activities over the next ten days will include:
  • Multicore collections (3x per site) 
  • Water column profiles and rosette casts (at selected sites) 
  • MILET survey for benthic fauna and Subbottom profiles 
  • Piston coring at selected sites
This was our first multicore....
Pictured: Nicole Clark, John Kaba, George Gunthro,
Arvind Shantharam, Rebekka Larson, and Kim Pollard. 

Posted by:
Oscar Garcia-Pineda
Florida State University

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