Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lauren Reilly's Internship, Summer 2013 - Part 6

Now that we have data from the mass spec, it’s time to figure out what it all means and write the paper. Much of my time has been spent reviewing published papers about the BP oil blowout and how methane affects Cibicidoides spp. It’s very time consuming and I am learning a lot about the benthic fauna.

After seeing the data for the four cores, we realized we need to collect more data such as cibs from the same 2 sites but from a different month, which will be September 2011. We also plan to extrude a core from a known methane seep site and a site that is believed to be unaffected by oil in order to have data to compare the differences in the Gulf of Mexico. However, the addition of this data will be included in another paper that will build off the one I am working on now.

Thinking about everything all at once can be overwhelming at times because there is so much information and so many ways to portray and explain the results. Dr. Patrick Schwing (show in the photo at the right) has been working with me to answer questions and help me attain the information I need to write the paper. He reminds me to think simple, Occam’s Razor. Remembering this really helps bring me back to my objective when deciding what information to include in my paper. I feel really fortunate to have this opportunity to work on this project as an undergrad and to have such a helpful mentor.
Post Author: Lauren "Ren" Reilly, University of South Florida

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