Monday, July 29, 2013

Taylor Shropshire's Internship, Summer 2013 - Part 2

For the past two weeks I have been continuing what I focused on during my first week, which is the relationship between salinity and chlorophyll a in the Mississippi river plume, and working with MATLAB. I have been progressing towards the goal of developing a linear model to create a salinity field from observed satellite chlorophyll a concentrations. The relationship could possibly be used to validate salinity fields near and around the Mississippi river mouth produced by hydrodynamic models such as HYCOM or NCOM. This chlorophyll a surface salinity relationship, which I am deriving from the output of ELCOM-CAEDYM, can also be compared with field data, providing possible validation for the aquatic ecosystem model (CAEDYM).

On Thursday of last week I toured the FSU Marine Lab. Earlier that week I got to visit some of the biological oceanography labs on FSU campus, and the week before that I toured the Mag Lab, all of which were very interesting.

On a side note, it's the season for scallops in Florida, and I got the chance to do some scalloping this weekend, giving me the opportunity to put on a mask,snorkel, and get in the water, which is something I never pass up! Made for a nice dinner with colleagues from COAPS.

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Taylor Shropshire, Florida State University


  1. It looks like you are making headway through the MATLAB jungle.

    And why weren't the rest of us interns not invited to the scallop feast? (That's an interesting way to study ocean organisms... by placing them inside you!)


  2. It was a very interesting way to study ocean organisms and tasty! If I go again before I leave I will be sure to rally up some people for the hunt!