Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lauren Reilly's Internship, Summer 2013 - Part 5

At the end of last week, I put in the last bit of work for preparing my samples to be run on the mass spectrometer. I had to weigh out the standards that go on each end of the tray of crushed cib samples.

One of the standards (red capped ones in the photo) is NBS 18 to determine sequence drift. These had to be exactly 100 micrograms. Weighing this out was very time consuming but super important because it is similar in mass. The second standard (blue caps) is NBS 19. This standard was weighed out to be 50 to 200 micrograms to measure for a variable size effect and make sure the gas that goes in the sample is correct.

After weighing over 200 samples, the results are finally in for all four cores! Now it’s time to take a look at the C-13 data to determine the changes in weight due to changes in the carbon that make up the test of the cibs. I really can’t wait to start working on the results to, as my mentor Dr. Patrick Schwing says, see what interesting story it will tell. I’m excited to have this opportunity to work on this project over the summer and contribute to the work that is being done throughout the PaleoLab.
Post Author: Lauren "Ren" Reilly, University of South Florida

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