Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Becca Keenan's Internship, Summer 2013 - Part 5

Hi Folks,

Yet another busy week at the increasingly busy COAPS offices, which are getting ready to relocate down the road next week.

I have spent more time on materials, finalizing a deep-water corals fact sheet and drafting another fact sheet especially for policy makers, which highlights the effects of the spill and the importance of oil to the Gulf economy.

I have also started putting together a comprehensive contact list of relevant policy makers and Deep-C spokespeople to allow for better communication about the many important aspects of Deep-C’s work.

Then, on Thursday, some of the other interns and I went down to the FSU Coastal & Marine Laboratory. This was great fun and very interesting. It is always nice to see what other institutions are doing. On the way back, we over-indulged and ate our body weight in Hamaknockers BBQ.

The survey is also coming along really well, with now over 130 completed surveys. This is very exciting and wouldn’t have been possible if so many groups, research institutes, and businesses hadn’t been so helpful. Two particularly helpful groups have been the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and a great surf shop in St. Augustine called Surf Station.

The week couldn't have ended better: we went down to Cape San Blas on Friday evening, where we enjoyed the most beautiful sunset surf and camped out just off the beach. We then spent the next day chilling on the beach and catching a few waves. It was a great weekend with great friends - you couldn't ask for much more.  

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Becca Keenan, Florida State University

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