Monday, June 10, 2013

Lauren Reilly's Internship, Summer 2013 - Part 1

My name is Lauren "Ren" Reilly, and I am interning in the paleoclimatology lab at the University of South Florida, College of Marine Science in Saint Petersburg. In November of 2011, I began working at the lab extruding, washing, weighing, and now picking foraminifera from sediment samples collected in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico. With the assumption that the oil from the extrusion has settled to the bottom of the Gulf, the foraminifera used the carbon from the oil in creating its calcium carbonate tests. For my project this summer, I will be analyzing the δ13C depletion in cibicidoides to determine the effect of hydrocarbons on the benthic fauna.

This week I will be preparing the samples to be run in the Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (SIRMS) and begin collecting data. It’ll be interesting to see how the composition of the cibicidoides tests change over the various months that the samples were taken, from when the oil spill happened, to now.

Post Author: Lauren "Ren" Reilly, University of South Florida

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  1. Very exciting to read about former classmates involved in such meaningful research. Proud of ya Ren. You are future EPA director material.