Friday, March 15, 2013

Time to launch the SailBuoy!

Assembled and ready to go...
After confirming that the SailBuoy is transmitting to the Operations Center, we are ready to launch!  

Dr. Nico Wienders helps carry the SailBuoy down to the deployment deck.

Views from the SailBuoy as it leaves the research vessel.
Members of the launch team (l-r: Kris Suchdeve, Nico Wienders, and Xiaolin Zhang)
conduct a data validation exercise before we leave it to begin its work..
Before the SailBuoy can be left to start its mission, the team conducts a series of data validation exercises.  They compare salinity, temperature and oxygen measurements taken with a handheld sensor off the side of the research vessel to data being transmitted by the SailBuoy a few hundred yards away.  Once they confirm the SailBuoy sensors are working properly, we are ready to bid her farewell and head home.  Learn more about the SailBuoy project.

Heading home after a successful launch...

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