Friday, March 15, 2013

The SailBuoy Project begins!

(7:30am) The sun is just coming up and the SailBuoy has arrived at the Florida State University (FSU) Coastal and Marine Laboratory in St. Teresa, FL.  Members of our launch team are loading it onto the RV Apalachee.  
In the wee hours of the morning, Boat Captain Rosanne Weglinski assists
Dr. Nico Wienders and Kris Suchdeve in loading Deep-C's SailBuoy onto the RV Apalachee's deck. 

Our original deployment date was postponed due to weather.  But it looks like today's weather will be terrific -- clear skies and relatively calm seas.  Our plan is to travel approximately 65 nautical miles (nm) west to a location just south of Cape San Blas.  Assuming the launch goes well and the SailBuoy is operating properly, it will be at sea for approximately two months. During its mission, it will sail approximately 840nm on a cruise track that criss-crosses the Gulf coast, from the Florida Panhandle to West Louisiana. 

Collection and analysis of this data will help Deep-C scientists better understand how particles and dissolved substances (such as oil) are transported from the deep Gulf to the shelf waters in the northeastern Gulf across the continental shelf and the DeSoto Canyon.  Learn more about the SailBuoy project.

Posted by:
Tracy Ippolito
Deep-C Coordinator

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