Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ecology/Fisheries Cruise - October 2012

Blog Post:  13 October 2012 (WB1306)

What a difference a day makes. After being essentially alone out here for the first few days, we ended up in a sea of oil platforms last night. It looked like a city. Not that the back deck of the Weatherbird isn’t bright. It is. But it’s different when you’re the only bright spot as far as you can see. In fact, the Weatherbird lighting is absolutely fantastic for working at night, complete with lights on the A frame illuminating the water off the stern.

Just so you don’t think we’re on a Carnival Cruise (given the marvelous food, amazing captain and crew, and not too shabby research company), you should know that there are times when everything doesn’t go exactly as we’d like. The weather still has been kind (we’re ahead of schedule because of that). But we did have a bumpy night and part of the day with a bit of water coming onto the deck, which made for very interesting walking maneuvers.

Between wind, waves, and a recalcitrant current that cared little about which direction we wanted it to flow or how we wanted the lines to go down (or come up), we were provided with what RV Weatherbird Captain Matt White generously called “opportunities for team building,” as evidenced by the “how many scientists does it take to untangle a longline full of hooks” event. We needed George Guthro, Weatherbird Engineer, to help us out. More to come.

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Dr. Felicia Coleman (FSU)

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