Sunday, September 30, 2012

Deep-C Geomorphology/Benthic Studies Cruise - Fall 2012

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30 September 2012
Map of Cruise (as of 30 September)

This is the final entry for the Deep-C geomorphology/benthic ecology cruise (leg 1).  We departed from St Petersburg on 22 September and returned to land in Panama City on 30 September.  Overall the cruise was highly successful.  We generated over 40 sampling events at 12 sampling sites, including 12 photo-surveys, 9 CTD casts, and 12 successful multicore deployments.  Everyone on board worked extremely hard to get a great deal done in just a few days.  We were helped by a top-notch captain and crew and by excellent weather.  We hope that future cruises will be equally successful, but this will be hard to top.  The next leg of the Deep-C cruise will be leaving on Tuesday 2 October, after a slight delay caused by rough weather offshore.

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