Tuesday, July 10, 2012

RV Bellows Microbiology/Shelf Sampling Cruise - July 2012

DAY 3 (6:03 pm) 

We got to our 4th to last station and the CTD unit lost connection to the computer and electronic controls.  Good thing Wade Jeffrey and I are old enough to remember how to use sample bottles on wire with messengers.  We will miss collecting the salinity temperature depth (CTD) + dissoloved oxygen, fluorescence for chlorophyll and organic matter, and turbidity that is used by others in addition to our work, but at least we can get our samples and still have the radiometer to get light and temperature profiles.  Oceanography can be trying at times, especially when salt water, cable stresses,and electronics mix.  Looking forward to dry feet, cold beer, and a soft quiet bed!  

Thanks to Cassie Wood, the FSU undergrad REU intern for the photo.

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Dr. Richard Snyder

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