Sunday, July 8, 2012

RV Bellows Microbiology/Shelf Sampling Cruise - July 2012

Cruise Details

Chief Scientist:  Richard Snyder, University of West Florida

Cruise Dates: July 8-11, 2012

Departure Port: Pensacola

Arrival Port: Pensacola

Leaving the Pensacola Bay this morning (July 8), sunrise between thunderstorms in the area, seas are running 1-2 ft, enough breeze to keep the heat moving. Coming up to our first station in about 15 minutes.  The first station is always a bit confusing, trying to find all the needed things hastily packed onto the ship in various nooks and crannies and trying to remember how we did this last time (!), but a routine sets in pretty quickly.  We will be working continuously for three days, sleeping during transit times between stations. Our goal is to collect samples to characterize the water masses, plankton and benthos of the continental shelf of the Florida Panhandle Bight and head of DeSoto Canyon. 

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Dr. Richard Snyder


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