Monday, July 16, 2012

RV Bellows Geomorphology/Shallow Shelf Seafloor Mapping Cruise - July 2012

DAY 5 (July 16, 2012)

We finished the A transect a few hours ago and have begun an along-slope transect in the mid-shelf area to try to piece together paleoshoreline structures that are key hard bottom structure in the region. We have crossed the shorelines on several zigs and zags. With those points, combined with the previous multibeam maps by Gardner/USGS, we will try to connect some dots. Seas are 1-2 ft and calming more.

Kie learning some knot tying. The Stopper
Knot. By the way, it is COLD in the lab.
Hydrophone pole mount for the USBL tracking.

Trackline plot showing seafloor mapping progress so far, 500 m swath.

We continue to work the mid to outer shelf looking for interesting structure/habitat. It is a big area to try to sample with a 500 m swath.

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