Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RV Bellows Geomorphology/Shallow Shelf Seafloor Mapping Cruise - July 2012,


Welcome to the Deep-C cruise blog for our shallow shelf sea floor mapping expedition on the R/V BELLOWS. We will be reporting on our trip to map shallow shelf regions around the head of the DeSoto Canyon. We have two basic objectives: 1) to acquire conduct site survey information at benthic sampling sites occupied by Deep-C researchers, and 2) to explore unknown areas of the seafloor in this region with the objective of learning more about sedimentary processes (sediment type, current reworking, etc) benthic habitats (e.g, hard bottoms, fish burrows, high relief topography).  We will be surveying the seafloor with the Teledyne-Benthos C3D interferometric sidescan sonar. Operating at 200 kHz, this system acquires backscatter and high-resolution swath bathymetry at sub meter resolution.

Cruise Dates:  July 12-20, 2012

Research Vessel:  RV Bellows

Science Crew:
Stan Locker, USF, Chief Scientist
Alex Valente , USF
Shane Dunn, USF
Anastasia Nienow, Valdosta State
Ryan Turnbull, FSU
Markietta Butler-Hill, FSU
Kaitlyn Toebe, UWF
Samira Danishgar,FSU

Ship Crew:
Brendon Baumeister (Boomer), Captain
Billy Coker, 2nd Captain
David Kennedy, Engineer
Patrick Foster, Cook

Post Author:
Dr. Stan Locker

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