Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Corine Samaras's Research Experiences for Undergraduates - Summer 2012 - Part 2

Hello Again! 

My experiment is well under way now! I have set up all eight of the columns and filled four of them with sediment saturated with seawater and the other four with sediment and 100 ┬Ál of oil. I have run the pump at a setting of 18 mL/hr and collected data with the optode. I have also taken samples of my water at the end of the column to test for dissolved organic carbon and dissolved inorganic carbon. I am starting to get results and am very pleased with how my experiment is working out.
This picture shows my 8 columns and the device I use to test the oxygen.
I have learned so much while being here. Everyone in the Huettel lab has helped me tremendously, and I cannot believe my time is going by so quickly. I have also enjoyed talking with the other REU’s about their projects as well. It seems as though everybody is learning a lot and gaining a lot of hands on experience.

I look forward to working with Dr. Huettel further after my time in the lab is over to analyze the data that I have collected.

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